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Controllable Submersible Pump

Atecpool Controllable Submersible Pump Specifications

  • Quiet and high efficient: Brushless DC motor driven water pump, high efficient design of volute and impeller.
  • Dry running protection: If pump is running without water, it will stop automatically to prevent failure from wear.
  • Over hear protection: Pump will stop running if the motor temperature is high.
  • Over current protection: To prevent motor failure from shorten.
  • DMX signal: to control pump speed. Input DMX signal to control pump stop or start and adjust speed.
  • Stand-by model: of lowest speed. Pump is run at lowest speed.
  • IP68, submersible. Install submersed.
  • FOC driver precisely:, provides stable speed control
  • 0.6 second speed ramp from stand-by mole to max speed: Fastest speed reaction to ensure better fountain sense.


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