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If you encounter a power supply fault or the pump doesn't start, first check for disconnected or defective wiring in the power supply. Verify if fuses are blown or if the thermal overload is open. Ensure that the motor shaft rotates freely and is not obstructed. If the pump has been idle for a long time, manually rotate the motor rear shaft a few times.

If the pump won't prime, make sure the pump/strainer housing is filled with water and the cover o-ring is clean. Check for loose connections on the suction side and clear any debris from the strainer basket or skimmer basket. Ensure there are no clogs in the suction side. If the distance between the pump inlet and liquid level is higher than 2.5m, lower the height of pump installation.

If you're experiencing low water flow, check if the pump is primed and look for any air entering the suction piping. Ensure the basket is not full of debris and check the water level in the pool to ensure it is adequate.

To address noisy pump operation, check for air leaks in suction piping or cavitations caused by restricted or undersized suction lines. Ensure there are no leaks at any joints and verify that the water level in the pool is sufficient. Check for proper installation to prevent vibration and contact the supplier if there are damaged motor bearings or impellers.

Error codes like E001, E002, and AL01 are not necessarily faults but indicate specific conditions. Follow the provided instructions for each code. For error codes E102, E103, E201, E202, E203, E204, and E205, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

The manufacturer will repair or replace defective items or parts during the warranty term. Follow the warranty claim procedures to benefit from the warranty. The manufacturer is not liable for consequences resulting from inappropriate installation or mismatching with incompatible pool pumps.

To maintain the pump's strainer basket, switch off the pump and unscrew the strainer basket lid anti-clockwise to remove it. Lift the strainer basket upwards from its housing and empty any trapped refuse. Check for cracks in the strainer basket and replace it if necessary. Replace the lid and ensure it seals on the large rubber O-ring with firm hand tightness only.

During pump installation and usage, follow basic safety precautions to avoid electrical shock. Ensure the pump is connected to a branch circuit protected by a ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI). Only use the pump with permanent installed in-ground or above-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, or spas as marked. Never use the pump with above-ground pools that can be readily disassembled for storage. Before servicing the pump, switch off power by disconnecting the main circuit.

When choosing a location for the pump, place it as close to the pool as practical to reduce friction loss in suction lines. Avoid direct sunlight or heat by placing the pump indoors or in the shade. Install the pump away from damp or non-ventilated locations and ensure there is at least 150mm of clearance from obstacles to allow for free circulation of air for cooling. Install the pump horizontally and securely to prevent noise and vibration.

For improved pool plumbing, use a larger pipe size and use thread sealant when installing inlet and outlet fittings. Ensure piping on the suction side of the pump is the same size or larger than the return line diameter to avoid air suction, and keep the plumbing as short as possible. Install valves on both the pump suction and return lines for isolation during maintenance, ensuring they are a proper distance from the pump. Use check valves in the discharge line to prevent water hammer.

To prevent damage and maintain efficiency, regularly empty the strainer basket, inspecting it for debris buildup and cracks. Ensure the pump is primed and there are no air leaks or cavitations in the suction piping. Properly install the pump to avoid vibration and ensure adequate water levels in the pool.

About Us

Atecpool Internacional España is a premium swimming pool brand with factories worldwide. Since 2002.


About Us

Atecpool Internacional España is a premium swimming pool brand with factories worldwide. Since 2002

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