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If a fault code appears on the display, please turn off the unit and wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on. If the fault code persists, please contact us for troubleshooting.

Refer to the provided list in the user manual for detailed descriptions of each code. These codes indicate various issues such as water protection, power supply issues, temperature abnormalities, sensor failures, and component malfunctions. If the solution appears complex or exceeds your expertise to rectify, kindly reach out to us for additional assistance. Our support team is readily available to provide further guidance and resolve any issues you may encounter.

It's strongly advised not to attempt repairing the equipment yourself, especially if it involves working on the refrigerant circuit. Improper operation can be dangerous. Contact your authorized service center for professional assistance.

If your unit fails to start after the initial startup, consider checking if the compressor protection time interval has ended and ensure that the water temperature reaches the required level for startup. Please wait patiently for the end of the compressor protection time or for the water temperature to reach the necessary level.

If your unit is not running at all, possible causes include a power outage, disconnected power switch, burned-out fuse, or timing issues. To address this, wait for power supply recovery if there's an outage, ensure the power switch is connected, replace the fuse if it's burned out, and wait for the timing to elapse or cancel the timing setting if necessary.

If your unit is running normally but the hot water temperature remains low, check if the temperature setting is appropriate, evaluate if there's excessive hot water consumption, and inspect for any blockages in the air inlet or outlet ports of the outdoor or indoor machine. Adjust the temperature setting, wait for the hot water temperature to rise, and clear any obstructions in the ports.

If your unit starts running automatically according to a timing schedule, and you no longer require it to start up, manually shut down the unit or cancel the timing setting if it's unnecessary for the unit to start up automatically.

Please refer the user manual for detailed instructions.

These FAQs cover common issues related to fault codes, unit operation, troubleshooting, and Wi-Fi setup. If you have any further questions or encounter specific issues not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

About Us

Atecpool Internacional España is a premium swimming pool brand with factories worldwide. Since 2002.


About Us

Atecpool Internacional España is a premium swimming pool brand with factories worldwide. Since 2002

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